Announcement of imported food standards

V.L.C is very pleasure to send to you the service: Proclaiming of product quality for referring as below:


1/. The supplement documents:

No. Document Name Quantity Specification
01 Certificate of business registration 02  The notarized copy within 3 months
02 Certificate of compliance with food safety regulations  02  The notarized copy within 3 months
03 Samples of product 04  Depending on each product; Each sample 500gr or 500ml.
04 Labels of used products with the stamp of the company and the certificate of trademark (if any) 02  The notarized copy within 3 months
05 Ingredients, formulas of the product, production process, and expiry date.   Customer supply for VLC to prepare the dossier.
06 Test result (01 test paper is only applied for 01 product).
(not need to provide this form If VLC tests)
02  The notarized copy within 3 months

 2/ Note:

- The implementation period:  15-20 working days.
- Each test paper is only applied for 1 product
- The validity of the certificate is 3 years
- The announcement of food quality standards is stipulated in Decision No. 42/2005/QD-BYT.
- Mandatory products must proclaim include:

 + Products are food, food additives, food processing aids and food materials is produced in the local country or imported for circulation in the Vietnamese market.
 + Food storage containers and food packing.
 + Products are produced in Vietnam with the use time within 10 days under normal environmental conditions; these products are not required to be published under this regulation.

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