Language/ Education Centre

The establishment of the center of foreign language - informatics - cultural improment

To complete the work file, Customer is advised to provide the following documents:

No. Document Name Quantity Specification
01 Certificate of business registration with activity of the Foreign Language Center (individuals register for foreign language training, no need to supply the license) 02 The notarized copy within 3 months
Profiles of the principal (01 person):
- Certified personal resume by local (VLC will provide form)
- University degree with suitable major for teaching (The notarized copy)
- The teaching confirmation with at least 3 years (the original)
- ID card (The notarized copy)
- The family book at HCMC (The notarized copy)
- The health check at the District’s Hospital (The original)
* Where the center hires the Director, customer must supply:
- The appointment in writing (VLC will provide form)
- Labor Contract (VLC will provide form)
02/ a person The original + the notarized copy
Note: The Principal is not required to be the legal representative; the center can hire the Principal.
03 Teacher’s Profile (The quality depends on the size of the center, minimum is 4 people):
- University degree with a suitable major registration
- Teaching certificate
02/ a person The notarized copy within 3 months
04 Staffs (The quality depends on the size of the center; the minimum must have 01 receptionist, 01 administrator or accountant):
- The personal resume
- Professional qualifications (accounting, personnel ...)
- ID card + The family book
02/ a person The notarized copy within 3 months
05 - The lease contract of office, minimum rental period is 02 years.
* If the office was hired from the individual, it must be notarized
*If the office was hired from the organization, it needs the license of company and the sovereignty paper of the lease building.
* If the office is rented from an agency, unit or school, it must have the opinion of the grassroots trade union or the superior management agency.
02 The notarized copy within 3 months
06 An organizational and operational project 02 VLC complies with the description and information from the customer
07 Fire prevention plan approved by police 02 The notarized copy within 3 months


- Duration: 30 – 45 working days.
- Name of the center must be Vietnamese and not be the same as the registered centers.

For works over 03 floors must be constructed the work of fire prevention as:

Fire solution; emergency exit; the domestic fire extinguishing system; fire cistern; automatic fire system Sprinkler; automatic fire alarm system; ventilating fan, ventilating system for venting out of smoke in basement; anti-lightning system). In this case VLC will quote a specific price after surveying the actual works from the performance unit.
- To equip tables, chairs, blackboard, teaching and learning aids and practice aids, there must be 01 computer connected to the Internet at the office. There must be at least 40 computers for informatics centers.
- Staff must ensure to meet the needs of administrative and academic work; accountant with intermediate level or above.
- Class size: 1.5 m2 per student; classrooms is not less than 15 m2; Brightness is greater than 300 lux; Administrative area of the office: sufficient room and working conditions for staffs of the Center; To ensure a minimum of 60 students / 01 toilet; There is parking lot and parking plan; The pedagogical environment of security and safety.
- The validity of a foreign language center license depends on the number of years registered by customer to meet the requirements of the Department of Education and Training.

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