Civil status registration

A civic status registration in Vietnam means that the citizens and foreigners carry out the civic status registration procedures at state agencies in Vietnam. The competent state agencies in Vietnam shall certify the birth, marriage, death, adoption, guardianship, recognition of father, mother and/or children, changes, corrections, supplements and adjustments of civic status, redefining gender, redefining the nation. These agencies will also record in the civic register book the following items: identification of father, mother and child, change of nationality, divorce, cancellation of illegal marriage, termination of adoption, etc.

The nationality is the legal status of the relationship between a citizen of a country and the state of the country in which he or she is a national; this is a member right of a country or a sovereign state.

A judicial record is the criminal background of the convicted person through criminal sanctions in the sentence and judgment of court (decisions, criminal judgments), which has already come into legal force, information on the status of enforcement of judgments and other information related to judgments.
VLC gives advice and provides legal services on Civic status - Nationality - Judicial Records (domestic and foreign factor) as follows:

About civic status

  • Birth registration: Birth registration; Overdue Birth registration; Re-registration of birth certificate; Re-issue of original birth certificate.
  • Marriage: Marriage registration; Re-registration of marriage; Confirmation of marital status
  • Death registration: Death registration; overdue death registration; Re-registration of death.
  • Correction of death: Registration of change, rectification of civic status, re-determination of ethnicity, re-determination of gender, civil status supplements, civil status adjustment.
  • Adoption: Registration of adoption (real name and no real name); Re-register adoption.
  • Register for recognition of father, mother and child.
  • Guardianship: Registration of guardianship; Registration of change, termination of guardianship.
  • Civic status annotation: Note the divorce; Note of marriage; Note of the adoption; Note of the recognition of father, mother and child; Birth notes.
  • Issue copies from civil status books

About nationality

  • To give advice on the procedures for notification of foreign nationality; Vietnamese naturalization, renunciation of Vietnamese nationality; restoration of Vietnamese nationality.
  • To give advice on procedures for validation of Vietnamese nationality; Validation of Vietnamese origin.
  • To give advice on the repatriation procedures, the consular legalization procedures, the extension procedures of visa and passports;
  • To give advice on procedures related to immigration law, etc.

Judicial records

  • To give advice on procedure for requesting the issuance of Judicial Records No. 1, No. 2 for individuals
  • To give advice on procedure for requesting the issuance of Judicial Record No. 1 at the request of state agencies, political organizations, social-political organizations.
  • To give advice on procedures for requesting the issuance of judicial record of agencies, organizations and bodies conducting the proceedings

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