Getting marriage with the foreigner

In marriages between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners, each party must abide by the law of his / her country about regarding marriage conditions; If the marriage is conducted at a competent state agency of Vietnam, the foreigner must also comply with the provisions of this Law on marriage conditions.

VLC provides the consultancy services on procedures related to marriage registration with foreign elements. To complete the work file, Customer is advised to provide the following documents:

The supplement documents


Document of foreigner

Document of Vietnamese




Certificate of marital status (or single affidavit)

Certificate of marital status is issued by the People Committee at communes/ wards where the Vietnamese resides.


The original within 6 months from the issuance day. If the document is issued in abroad, they must be legalized by the Consulate.



I.D card and family book


The notarized copy within 3 months


Health check of organization / mental specialty health facility

Health check of mental specialty health facility of province or city: Mental Health Center 192 Ben Ham Tu, District 5, Department of Mental of Cho Ray Hospital.


The original within 6 months from the issuance day


- The implementation period:  15-30 working days.

- Upon filing the documents, the marriage partners must submit the document with VLC, in case there is only one party, the absent party must be persons residing abroad and have a valid power of attorney.

- After 20 days of filing the document, the Justice Department will send invitations to interview

- Two partners must go to receive the certificate of marriage registration and bring ID card, passport, visa to sign on the certificate.

- If two partners don’t get the certificate after 07 days from the return date, the record will be cancelled

- There are some countries as America, England, France, South Korea Hong Kong, Nigeria requires a diplomatic note about “Issuing the certification of the marriage ability in Vietnam for applicant”.

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