Transfer of real estate

A real estate is always a valuable asset for enterprise or individuals. Therefore, quickly affirming the ownership is always a prime concern. You want to transfer, buy or sell the real estate but you do not know the procedures, please come to V.L.C company..
V.L.C commits to provide our clients with the professional consultancy services with the highest quality and reliability as well as the innovative and comprehensive solutions.

1. Conditions of transfer (sale, donate)

  • Being the legal owner of the property.
  • The land without any dispute.
  • The land use right is not detrained to secure the enforcement of the judgment.
  • Assignment within the term of land use

2. Customer should be provided the documents to V.L.C:

  • Transferee and transferor's identity papers
  • Identity card (or passport)
  • The family books
  • The confirmations of marital status: Marriage certificate or single certification.
  • The transfer papers of asset.
  • Certificate of land use right and ownership of assets attached to land.
  • Registration fee declaration
Note: In case one of the sellers or buyers is an organization, they must attach the business license and minutes of the meeting, the decision of the members' board (the board of directors) on the transfer or receipt of the transfer of property.
The time of notarization depends on the requirements of customers. V.L.C can prepare a notary schedule within 01 day.

3. The steps of performance

- The first Step 

V.L.C will prepare the documents on the basis of the documents provided by the customer and submitted to the notary office to appoint a notary schedule (at the request of the customer).
By appointment date, the transferor and the transferee are present at the notary office to sign the contract in front of the notary. 

- The second step

V.L.C submits all assets’ transfer documents (copies) and the notarized transfer contracts at the tax office or tax department.
The transferor will pay personal income tax (2% of contract value or 25% of taxable income). The transferor pays the registration fee (1% of the house and land value according to the price stated in the contract). Or it is agreed by the parties in the transfer contract about each party's tax obligation.
The performing time in this period is: 01 working week.

- The third step

V.L.C submits all documents of asset transfer (originals) to the People's Committee of District where the property is located to perform the registration process for changing name to the transferee.
The performing time in this period is: 03 working weeks (for updated case).

4.  The transfer time

10 days

5. The encountered common problems while completing transfer procedures:

  • A status drawing of house and land: If house and land had the old status drawing and the house does not change the status, it is not necessary to re-measure it. You should go to the Urban Management Division of district / suburban district to re-check the status as well as planning on drawing.

  • Many common houses on one campus with shared path: As making a transfer contract, there must be a specific clause on the shared path or the separation of the land into separate paths.

  • The house is built, repaired and changed the structure: you must submit a building permit / repair permit of the house, a valid new construction completion minute and a completion drawing.

  • With VLC service, you do not need to come, wait; we will consult in your company!

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