Decrease charter capital

In the course of business, the reduction of charter capital often occurs; VLC provides the consultancy services related to procedures for the charter capital’s change.
  • Consultancy on cases of the charter capital’s reduction
  • Consultancy on ways of the charter capital’s reduction
  • Consultancy on the legal responsibilities of each involved member / shareholder
  • Consultancy on the liability of the legal representative for the capital reduction
  • Other relevant contents

1. The cases of the charter capital’s reduction

a) Part of stake is returned to members according to their stake holding if the company has run for more than 02 consecutive years from the date of business registration, provided the debts and other liabilities can be paid after the return is made.
b) The company repurchases a member’s stake as prescribed in Article 52 of law on enterprise.
c) Charter capital is not contributed fully and punctually by the members as prescribed in Article 48 of law on enterprise.
d) According to a decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the company returns part of the stakes to shareholders in proportion to their holding, provided that the company has continued its business operation for more than 02 years from the business registration date, and that all debts and liabilities can be paid after the return;

2.  The documents

For the reduction of the charter capital, the document shall have the resolution and minutes of the meeting of the members' council/ the shareholder’s council, financial statements of capital reduction and financial report statement of capital reduction (customer can use our service for this section).
With VLC service, you do not need to come, wait; we will consult in your company. 

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