Dealing with debt collection

Clients do not grasp and understand all the legal procedures or because of busy work without time to track, prompt or sue the debtors. V.L.C lawyer office will meet those needs for customer.

VLC lawyer office has a large number of lawyers, legal and economic specialists who meet the ethical standards of practicing, always listening to and devotedly serving customers with the sensible motto and getting the best results.
The content of the debt collection service is summarized below: 


Customer’s requests of a lawsuit include:
-        A personal debt
-        An organization’s debt
-        An enterprise’s debt


V.L.C can perform types of debt, include:
-        The debts from borrowing or borrowing assets.
-        The debts from breaching the contracts (All types of contract)
-        The debts from non-contractual liability, etc.


The receiving method of debt records is through the steps as follows:
The customer provides all relevant documentation of debt documents, including:
The files for an enterprise include:
-        The certificate of business registration
-        All debt documentations, such as Contracts, invoices, bills of lading, debt’s paper, etc.
-        Customer briefly describes the content of the debt.
The files for an individual include:
-        Identity card, family book
-        All debt documentations as evidences, such as: debt certificate, loan document, borrowed documents, purchase and sale, etc.
-        Customer briefly describes the content of the debt.
Note: (Customer only provides the copy of debt records, customer keep the original of debt records.)
After receiving the debt files and the debt file is reasonable. V.L.C will sign a legal service contract with the customer. At the same time the customer will authorize V.L.C to claim the debt. We provide all the paperwork to the clients.


After the receiving procedure of dossiers completed, V.L.C proceeds with the steps as follows:

a. The first step is to approach the debt or for collection negotiation:

-        If the reviewing process of the debt profile is valid, we will conduct contacting the debtor by sending an invitation or meet directly to the debtor. During this time, if the debtor is willing to cooperate to repay the debt, we will recover the debt under this agreement if the creditor agrees.
-        On the contrary, the debtor is unwilling to repay the debt; we will carry out the necessary legal procedures for suing the debtor at the legal authority if the creditor requires.

b. The second step is to sue for a debt:

After approaching the debtor to negotiate a debt recovery, the debtors have no goodwill to cooperate and settle debts; V.L.C will carry out the legal procedures for debt settlement by the law such as:
-        To prepare a petition of initiating the lawsuit
-        To submit a petition of initiating the lawsuit
-        Join the lawsuit
-        To prepare a petition of the judgment, etc.
Customers must pay for the expenses of case: (court charges, fees, other fees if any)
During this period, we will appoint a representative to represent the client, and will appoint a lawyer to participate in court to protect the interests of customers.


a. The remuneration:

Depending on the complexity of each debt file, as well as the collection area, remuneration is calculated from the total value of the debt. (Refer to attached price list - click here)

b. The payment method of remuneration:

- The customer pays a half of the remuneration to V.L.C lawyer office after the signing of the contract, provided that the Lawyer office ensures that the lawsuit is not rejected by the Court (gaining one's cause). Where the case is rejected the entire contents of the lawsuit by the Court (losing a lawsuit), the V.L.C lawyer office will return the amount of received remuneration to the customer.
- The remaining amount of remuneration. After the verdict executes, the debt is deducted the percent from the collected debt.
- In the case of conciliation of debt collection, the V.L.C Office only collect a half of the remuneration.
- The above content is just the general rules. When the customers wishing to sue for a debt, VLC lawyer office will enter into a formal agreement with the full terms of the rights and obligations of both parties; the remuneration and payment method will be agreed explicitly in the contract.

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