The modification of the trademark registration application

Due to the actual demand, the owner of trademark registration application can change some contents of business registration such as: change of company name, change of address or head office address or the current address of the owner, the name of the owner, etc during the filing process of trademark protection.

In order to ensure the accuracy of information on the diploma, avoiding unnecessary disputes, the applicant should change the contents ofapplication to suit the current paper.

The amendments of application for trademark protection in the following cases

+ A change of company name

+ A change of company address

+ A change of the representative of the applicant.

+ A change of trademark pattern

How does the procedure for modifying application content perform?

The receiving place of the applications: The National Office of Intellectual Property, the representative office of the National Office of Intellectual Property

The documents include

+ A notarized copy of the new business registration certificate with the new company name or new address.

+ Copy of the old business registration certificate with the old company name or old address.

+ Declaration (2 copies)

+ Power of attorney

The supplement documents

To complete the work file, Customer is advised to provide the following documents:

+ The supplement documents:


Document Name




The new business registration certificate


The notarized copy within 3 months or original


The old business registration certificate (in case of change of name and address of company)


The notarized copy within 3 months or original

- The implementation period:  3 - 5 working days.

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